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Webinar by Jon Earnshaw

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Webinar by Jon Earnshaw

Wednesday, April 5 at 2 pm ET

5 Actionable Ways To Drastically Improve The ROI Of Your SEO Strategy

Search engine algorithms and rules are constantly changing – how can you keep your SEO strategy performing ahead of your competitors?

How can you boost organic search results and increase ROI in 2023?

The key is keep the SEO fundamentals in this upcoming webinar at the forefront of your strategy while prioritizing your SEO efforts for the most rewarding outcomes.

In ecommerce? Prioritization is even more important for you.

Join our upcoming webinar to learn how to effectively maximize the ROI of your SEO strategy through focus and prioritization of opportunities.

You’ll learn how to:

- Identify your seasonal trends and how to plan for them.
- Report on and optimize your share of voice.
- Maximize SERP feature opportunities, most notably Popular Products.
In this live session, Jon Earnshaw, Chief Product Evangelist and Co-Founder of Pi Datametrics, and Sophie Moule, Head of Product and Marketing, will uncover ways you can boost your search strategy and grow your business.

You’ll leave this webinar equipped with actionable insights and tips that you can incorporate right away.

Don’t miss out – sign up now!

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