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Webinar by Victoria Lindsay


Webinar by Victoria Lindsay

Wednesday, June 1 at 2 pm ET

Ecommerce: Top 5 Ways To Drive Revenue With A Clean Martech Stack

Running an ecommerce business?
How many apps have you added to your site to improve customer experience?
A handful, you say?
Maybe not enough?
It’s easy to keep adding new apps geared toward improving your customer’s user experience, increasing sales, etc.
But with so many bells and whistles, marketers can lose track of their focus!
Let’s cut down the laundry list of apps in your ecommerce site’s ecosystem with a 360-degree strategy and one goal in mind: driving revenue.
Learn how to choose the right plugins and apps to:
• Drive traffic.
• Boost conversions.
• Raise your average order value.
Join Bridgeline’s ecommerce product and marketing experts, Shreyas Kamath and Victoria Lindsay, as they walk you through the important aspects of your site that help attract traffic and convert visitors into customers.
Ecommerce sites perform slowly and poorly when their Martech stack isn’t optimized, slowing growth.
Discover how to wade through the sea of website apps and find the right solutions for your business.