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Certifications helped our client base to grow faster. These certifications are not easy to acquire as someone has to go through a learning process that is quite interesting from our perspective. You learn a lot about Digital Advertising like the working criteria for Social Media platforms, running paid ads, placement of ads, and a lot more.


Certifications work as a trust factor when somebody visits your site or to make someone's mind in case they are planning to work with us. These certifications helped us stand tall in the industry.


We have also provided the links for the convenience of the visitors if someone is interested in certification for their agency or individual. We are committed to improve ourselves by complying with the latest technology and industry trends through continuous learning and make the internet a better place for everyone.

Agency Certifications
The Certificates




Life is too short to learn everything, but learning should be continuous. Learn to make full use of the tools and resources available; Develop a skill. Stay Healthy, Keep Learning.


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Microsoft Advertising Professional Certification


Our recommendations for a successful online journey. Access The Library

Google Ranking Factors Book from SEJ

If you’ve ever wondered what is and isn’t a ranking factor – or had to make the case to do or not to do something “because it’s a Google ranking factor” – this guide is for you.

A Guide to Local SEO

Want to win against competitors in the local SERPs? Gain a better understanding of today’s local search landscape and a solid foundation in local SEO when you read this comprehensive guide.


We have gained some valuable certifications from Microsoft as well. In addition to running successful Google Ads campaigns, we all help brands gain visibility on Bing. Microsoft advertisement or bings ads provide you placement on the premium properties they have partnered with. Microsoft provides support for agencies too. It's your decision to run ads as an individual or through an agency. Get all the detailed information or be a certified professional 

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