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How To Fix Leakages In Advertising and Marketing Campaigns

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

The nature of the campaign varies from time to time and business to business.

Basically, it depends on the nature of the business and the ultimate goal you want to achieve. Some businesses seek subscribers instead of sales.

Some businesses work on the visibility or the awareness of other brands like ours or what you call an advertising business.

What’s defined as a conversion can vary between industries or client definitions of them. No doubt our ultimate goal is also to enhance sales for other businesses prevailing in the market.

Different campaigns need different strategies as we all know that one size does not fit all. Different strategies come up with different challenges & difficulties.

Different businesses need different planning based upon the nature of the business and the audience for an individual business is also different.

Loopholes and flaws or what we are calling here leakages, are also different. These difficulties require a deep analysis of your campaign that may be accomplished with the help of various analytical tools.

For example, if you wish to analyze your ad spend, where it is really going, you can use Google Ads. Now you have Facebook ads, Instagram ads, YouTube, programmatic display, and the list goes on and on.

The key to evaluating your campaign is to understand a user’s buying process and adjust accordingly.

Here is a list of different campaigns run by different businesses we are going to discuss in detail & explore the challenges faced by them & how to rectify them.

We are aware that with the inclusion of videos, this article can be time-consuming, but, our aim is to provide a solution.

So you can go through only that campaign you are going to run or you are finding difficulties with.

  • Shopping Campaign

  • Advertising Campaign

  • Marketing Campaign

  • PPC Campaign

How to FIX Your GOOGLE Shopping Campaigns

How to troubleshoot your campaigns and also how to optimize them?

What to do when shopping campaigns stop working?

What are you going to do if you're getting no impression?

No impressions mean your ads aren't delivering or being shown, so you're getting absolutely no impressions you've started your ads and nothing's happening.

The next thing quite often happens is, you're getting impressions but no one's clicking on your ad.

The algorithm is showing that your ad has keywords search volume. People are searching for stuff related to whatever keywords you have in there in your description but for whatever reason no one's clicking on your ad.

The next one is you're getting clicked but you're not getting any sales so not good either because obviously then you pay for the click because Google is a pay-per-click platform but you're getting no sales or conversions nothing

The last one that's a common problem is you're getting sales but you're not profitable you'll get your role as and your cost per purchase isn't enough to cover what's happening.

So let's cover off the first one so no impressions

What to do when you've got no impressions?

Firstly be patient, Google does take time to approve things, if your merchant center hasn't been approved that can take five to seven days sometimes even a bit longer so that takes time to double-check that your feed, your products have been approved in the feed and then there are no errors in there, and then make sure your campaign has actually been approved within Google Ads.

The next issue that normally happens is

Do your keywords actually have search volume?

Google operates off the keyword search volume. If there's no search volume behind the keywords in your description in the title, then it's not gonna pop up.

Is your bid high enough for your ad to be shown?

If you are bidding too low your Google isn't gonna show your ad because your competitors obviously bidding up here and you are bidding down here.

So what we suggest in that instance is trying just slow small changes so if you start off from 50 cents a day put it up to 55 cents and have a look or 60 cents don't go too crazy but just let it run a few days see its impact.

There are a few other things you can do like segmentation and things like that where you can actually then bid based on the product segment.

If your bids are too low, you get the wrong traffic which may not actually click.

So, if you bid a little bit more you could get that click. Once you do all of the other bits and pieces try increasing your bid.

The next issue - Impressions, but not clicks.

Everything's been approved you're starting to get impressions but you're getting absolutely no clicks on your ads now again.

We suggest you be patient. Again, make sure that you're getting enough data to actually make a call so if you've got 10 impressions and no clicks then don't complain about that if you've got a thousand or 2,000 you've got no clicks then you might have an issue.

A CTR in your test campaign is probably not gonna be that high it might be between 1%, 2% maybe 3% in that test campaign but the higher you can get that obviously the better.

If stuff is out of place or it doesn't look right and it's not it doesn't flow well with what they've searched then they're gonna bounce they're gonna leave your store so in essence is.

  • Is the user getting what they expect when they land on your page?

  • Does everything look the same?

  • Do the images match?

  • Does the price match?

  • Does the store look good?

Like if someone jumps on an untrustworthy store which is another point where they're not gonna buy but everything needs to be cohesive if it's.

If you say, a blue towel that needs to be a blue towel and a blue towel description on that page.

This is why your descriptions need to be good so that your store optimized for conversions is trustworthy.

  • Do you have great descriptions?

  • Have you got high-quality images?

  • Do you have a quick load time of all these factors that go into a successful Shopify or e-commerce store?

If you don't have this stuff most people find this as their major issue, especially people from countries that don't speak English, that target English country's Westerners, can pick from a mile away when someone who isn't using grammatically correct English or someone else that doesn't speak English as their first language has written something and that to them is a red flag.

They don't like leaving their details and places especially credit things like credit card details so you can't blame them make sure you have your store looked over by someone who is a native English speaker if you don't you risk wasting money on ads.

Is your price competitive with other shopping sellers?

If you've got a product and you're priced way out between others compared to other sellers why would ever anyone click you now?

If you want to get around that the way to do that is, better images spin the product slightly differently.

Make packs different quantities get a similar product that looks different maybe potentially better, charge more than you know, you can be a bit more expensive but still, you're gonna want to be close to others remember people are doing their research on Google.

Although they're looking to buy, they're doing their research. So to get them in, you need to make sure that you're ticking all their boxes and price is what really matters in shopping.

Are you removing unprofitable keywords and products regularly and adding new products?

Keep removing and adding products, and the keywords that are super important and speed is in the name of this game.

The more you do and more frequently, the better, and what we mean the more frequently we are not saying making changes to bid strategies and things like that. It is pulling products out, adding products in, scaling the ones that do well.

Is your description as cruising envy is the title as good as it can be?

There are lots of things you can be doing guys so get off your ass and do it so that is super important in here and if it's not set up for sales if it's not set up for conversions, and if it's not giving the person what they want, they're gonna bounce.

So again speaking about segmentation potentially, you need to do a bit of segmentation.

You can adjust the bids for that particular product whether it's down or up. You might be feeding too high; you might be getting too low.

Bidding is also a really important part of Google ads so segmentation is another section.

Can you improve your landing page installs conversion rates?

So of the clicks, you're getting, can you get more of them to convert into sales thereby making your profit margins high so your return on ad spends gonna be higher?

From here again are you removing unprofitable keywords and products regularly and adding your products?

So the key to this is removing the unprofitable products and keywords so if you're spending money on things that aren't making money then of course your margins aren't going to be great.

Make sure that titles and descriptions are relevant to what people are searching into the image that you're showing.

High-quality images play a vital role too. If your image is blurry or rubbish or just not as good or not as visually appealing as the other products then you're probably not gonna get any clicks.

Have you optimized your product feed titles and descriptions and images on the things that are getting the clicks and sales?

Like again super important to always be constantly refining and improving and get other people to look at it, because if you're looking at it all day potentially you're missing things.

So make sure you get other people to look at it, optimize everything, and when we say optimize we mean to make it amazing.

  • Make the description exactly what the person is searching for.

  • Make the title exactly what the person is searching for including the description copy that evokes emotion.

If you want to check it out that group is really good, jump in then. You'll learn a lot that copywriting is super important and if you're not good at it, either sit down and try and improve or outsource it if you can.

It's just the standard store back-end. If you don't have a good store back end then you aren't gonna do well with this.

What we mean by the back end is, in the retargeting?

  • The event and cart recovery text message.

  • Email marketing retargeting; not just DPA but testimonials, building a customer relationship, building a brand around this, all important stuff.

If you don't have that back-end in place you're gonna find any form with paid traffic hard and if you're not providing them with value and giving them a reason to come and shop again with you multiple times then this is gonna be really hard for you to be profitable.

Being profitable on the front end without a good back-end is very hard especially when you're selling products that anyone can get their hands on. That's the key to winning in this.

So optimizing your campaign kind of builds on that getting sales.

So what can you do to optimize the campaign so the biggest part is improving your quality score which has a whole range of factors including your click-through rate, the landing page experience, and the load time.

Make sure your ads, keywords, images, and landing pages are all relevant congruent. This is so important because Google wants their users to have a good experience if their users aren't having a good experience then they're not gonna stay.

Remember, these guys want people to have a good experience and keep using their service.

If they don't, then their stock price is gonna suffer, because advertisers aren't gonna bid as much, as they're not gonna make as much money.

So they want people to have a good time search-based volume.

Remember it's a search-based platform people searching for it need to get what they search for if you google tea-pot black teapot with a strainer you need to show a black teapot with a strainer

Segmentation is another one have you got a great website optimized for conversions which we've covered off and then yet your store's back-end is so important?

This is just building on from the previous thing so there's a bit of overlap there, but, I hope you've got a little bit out of this it's super important these are the main factors we know people are gonna go oh is that all you can do this is literally the main stuff of what you can do there are lots of little things.

These are the main things if you can make these changes and some of them sound small because we got there is a dot point but improving your keywords and removing unprofitable ones in your descriptions right is a big job.

This is running a store; if you're running a business. If you treat it like a casino you're gonna get the same results as if you were going in the casino and much slower and probably lose more money so treat this as a business.

How To Fix An Advertising Campaign

Here again, What you call a good advertising campaign. If you are making a lot of money through your campaign you call it a good campaign & when you feel like the money is being stolen from your pocket you call it a bad campaign.

In the following video, you can learn how to set up an ad campaign & save money on your ad campaign by avoiding leakages.

We have tried our best for you to get a better understanding of things.

How To Fix Marketing Campaign

What do you do if your marketing campaign funnel doesn't work?

This is a question that is asked all the time whenever a marketing campaign doesn't work.

You have to properly diagnose the problem before you can identify what the right solution is.

We always have to start at the beginning while diagnosing the campaign if it's not working. To better inform your marketing strategy, you need to understand your customer.

Is it just a matter of perspective or the way you are analyzing your results or output?

Todd has explained with the help of very good examples in the video that sometimes the problem can be on the other side i.e. your marketing campaign is not the problem.

It may be your idea, expression, emotion, or the way you are handling the lead. Let’s dive into details via this video.

How To Fix PPC Campaign

Are you measuring what matters in your PPC account?

PPC has gotten more expensive as the years have passed, so it’s become even more imperative to understand where every cent is going and whether or it’s producing sales.

There are many search marketers who either aren’t or are overly obsessed with data & driving conversions and completely miss out on the greater piece it plays in sales: marketing.

Typically one is being done to assess the efficiency of spending. The kicker in many cases. The data, being used for decision-making is flawed; because the measurement isn’t set up correctly, and it creates a ripple effect on decision-making.

For paid search marketers who are data-obsessed, audits can give you a fresh way to use your data and dramatically improve your performance.

The ineffective conversion tracking can be due to the following reasons

  • Accounts are tracking every user action known to mankind and including it in optimizations, which include low-value actions.

  • Some tracking integrations are missing, so a full picture of leads or sales is missing.

  • They are tracking one very high-value (but more seldom-occurring) action, which robs PPC of the credit it should get in the buying process.

All reasons are problematic. If you aren’t tracking all your conversions, you’re leaving valuable data on the table.

For example, you can’t only count form submissions. Take businesses like lawyers most leads come in the form of phone calls, not form submissions.

Often, companies say they have conversion tracking in place, but when digging into what actually constitutes a conversion for their company, it quickly becomes clear that the numbers aren’t correct.

After all, if you are paying for traffic that doesn’t convert, you are probably paying for the wrong traffic.

To succeed in today’s competitive paid search market, we have to do more than just talk about data.

We need to track everything and then use that data to focus our efforts on minimizing marketing waste and maximizing conversions and profits.


Discovery Campaign

It is just another campaign that we came across while searching for different kinds of campaigns, but you can not control it. Why? Here is the explanation.

Discovery campaigns are visually-rich ad units shown based on user activity. They are a departure both in their format, and how they’re targeted. They are display-like in how they render to the user, combining imagery and a headline.

Also, like displays, they are primarily used as a top-of-funnel way to catch a user’s eye and generate interest in a product.

Discovery ads appear across the Google Discover Feed (shown on the home page of the Google app or the homepage on mobile), YouTube home feed, and also Gmail.

Discovery Campaigns are largely automated by Google. Advertisers can’t make the adjustments they’re used to in search of things like device adjustments, ad rotation, or frequency capping.

There are still options for exclusions to help with brand safety, like keeping advertiser content away from things like violence or profanity.

Pulling It All Together

When a channel is responsible for driving quality leads but failing to do so, it’s easy to panic or place blame.

What isn’t always easy is taking a step back to evaluate all options.

Better questions lead to better answers.

By asking better questions with your clients, it can lead to untapped opportunities.

It’s a chance to understand the business better.

Ultimately, these types of questions make you an invaluable asset to your client.

The best advice that we can give is to treat your business as a business.

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