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How To Publish The Same Content on Different Platforms.

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

It’s time to share something different, something innovative, something out of the box thing, that has not been brought into the limelight or noticed so rarely. We have tried it many times to cover our topics or blogs available on the internet. So far, pie charts, presentations, graphs, and analytical data are being converted/ processed/ presented in the form of infographics. You can find a lot of data over the internet in the form of blogs & it is mandatory to provide Google with sufficient data to stay in the competition.

Blogging is considered less productive than other methods sometimes, which is not true. Search engines are always in search of fresh, new & different content. But in this busy world, few people don’t have that much time to spend writing or reading a blog. Some lack proficiency in doing so, some lack words, a few of them have communication skill issues, & even not everyone can be perfect in everything. Some people are very creative designers but they lack words to express them. Some people write so beautiful notes or blogs but they lack knowledge about the techniques that are best to advertise them. Some lack content being professional marketers. In this fast-growing & moving world, we lack patience too. We need things fast & precise yet informative. We always look for shortcuts whether it is information, presentations, or even success. Nobody wants to adopt a longer path or read detailed descriptions to understand things thoroughly, which is sometimes necessary because you don’t always need to go into detail e.g if a CTRL+S button can save the document, you won’t proceed via the File menu. There is no shortcut to success but for the presentation of the data, a lot of shortcuts are available.

Different people like different platforms need data in different forms; just as you need words to write a blog, but on the other hand you have to create a post for social media platforms to redirect traffic to your website.

There is numerous channels/ platforms/ software available for designing & you should have a basic knowledge of at least one. You have been provided with a number of templates to choose from for your daily post for editing via Ascend by Wix (if you are a Wix user)/ Canvas (for Facebook posts)/ Fotor (Best suited for generating collage). But sometimes you don’t find a template of your choice or complete customization due to lack of funds and regret not being a designer. You find a great idea that complements your content so well, but you not being able to edit the image due to its low pixels, finish a losing side. So, what to do in such situations? We find three methods to represent a single piece of data, they are

If you're posting the same content across different channels, make sure you consciously stagger the times and days so you don't max out your audience with a single piece of content. - Crystal King

How blogging & infographics complement each other

The idea behind writing this blog is to establish a relation between #infographics & blogging. You find a lot of blogs on various topics daily. Sometimes you start thinking about these topics & want to share your experience on them too. But it becomes really difficult to present yourself in a comment, especially when you are not a proficient content creator, as you have a lot to say about. Sometimes an idea clicks into your mind and when you explore the internet you find a lot of discussions already being done on the same topic & you change your mind.

Now, if you are an agency, you have a brilliant team of professionals. Some of them are very good designers; some are very creative writers; some are very expressive via other methods. Accordingly, they can share their views either in words or in #graphics (static or motion).

Now, how will you take benefit from all those qualities of your team members?

Suppose, you have written a very useful & knowledgeable blog for your client, and the client suddenly demands that he/she wants to create a slide for the content, what will you do? Either you start looking for a PowerPoint presentation or you do the other thing. You simply design a creative in the form of an infographic so that it can easily be added to the presentation & the client, whatever the message he wants to convey, should be able to present it in a simple & understandable way. Not only for presentation purposes, but infographics are also very useful for Facebook posts, Instagram posts, Whatsapp #marketing, and Whatsapp status (where you don’t prefer to share the link). As you can’t be a master in everything you can take the help of your team for the completion of the above said alternative.

How to Create Social Media Posts from Blog Content

Have you ever noticed how blogs are written for the audience? In the majority of the cases, you would find headings like “7 methods to sell products” or “4 tips to keep your business afloat in a downturn” etc. Now, how can you imagine a creative for this content (considering both cases)? Either highlight the main points of the blog in a post or generate an appealing infographic to reflect the content of your blog just as you would find in this example.

A 4 step infographic is sufficient to make people understand the possible reasons for their content, not #ranking. You should use some relevant icons with the headings to make it more appealing & informative in nature. You can find icons on the internet for free. But you should opt for a paid membership so as to get additional benefits. If not so, you should also consider the fact that they are also designers like you & respect their work. Currently, we are using their free membership, but we always feel for them with every download, as they are in the same profession as we are. When we will be well-established we would definitely opt for a paid #membership to take full advantage of the services.

When you create an infographic you have a number of ways to share it like you can share the link of your blog with your social media post to redirect traffic to your website; and for those, who are always in a hurry or in search of shortcuts or for those who love to have things precise, you can share your thoughts in the form of an infographic.

Create Video Tutorials from your blogging content

Video is the next big content bucket to consider. Did you know that marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users? Or that 59% of executives agree that if both text and video are available on the same topic, they are more likely to choose video.

Methods of advertising & promotion are also changing. Earlier it was limited to the one-to-one conversation or you can say door-to-door marketing. Then, with the passage of time, newspapers, Tv channels, Radio, Wall painting, online advertising & many more came into existence. Again the difficulty of limited access to these platforms is an issue. Not everyone has access to Tv advertising due to its higher cost, not everyone is interested in digital marketing.

Digital Marketing not only requires marketing skills, but good writing skills, designing skills & effective #communication with proper expressions are also the need of the hour if you want to present yourself with the help of a video. Also, not everyone has access to these designing software as most of them are paid & many times it is difficult to find a suitable template as per your content especially when you want to add special effects or presentation slides to your video. So it becomes difficult for a low-budget firm to find a proper designing template or post showing relevant data.

For this reason, companies switch to agencies sometimes but still don’t find the output of their choice. The idea of the client is hard to pick sometimes. But this difficulty can be overcome if you can express your thoughts with the help of a video. This is also considered the best way to express yourself as you know best about your topic or product (if it is a product-related video). The points you want to highlight you can emphasize. You can let your visitors or viewers the complete perspective you are talking about & you don't need any design skills for delivering a speech. But keep this thing in mind you must have effective communication e.g. a plain face or expressionless face is not fit for a video #tutorial. You have to be confident in your speech otherwise you may lose not only a visitor but a customer too.

You can serve most of the purpose via a video & share it on various platforms designed for this purpose like YouTube & Vimeo. Also, when you feel your video has gained a good reputation you can forward it to the agency in case you want your video #content to be converted into a blog. It not only helps the agency or the content writer, but it also helps you save time & money too. Also, it brings a feeling of trust in your visitors or clients if you can confidently present your idea to the audience. A written blog maybe sometimes a modified version of another blog but the message conveyed through a video reflects the authenticity of your product/ brand/ content, provided you don't repeat the words of others. You have to be different and unique for growth in this challenging environment.


Although, Google doesn't penalize you for duplicate content you never know when algorithms change. So to avoid this problem at any level or at any time in the future you must try these alternatives.

This article has been written to provide a solution to those agencies, which are having a team of members with different skills & want to take advantage of every skill their team is having. It also lets you know how to take advantage of your content in different ways, especially when you have a shortage of words. This concept is also a trump card to those companies who are product specific as they don’t have much to write, time & again, about the same product.

So what you can do is to write what the client says, divide it into pieces, write a blog over it & convert those blog headings into infographics & send output to the client in a format in which it is required i.e blog, social media post, or video.

We always welcome feedback. In case you want to have some beneficial inputs for us you can tell us in the comment section. We shall try to serve you even better.


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