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FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES: The Concept Behind Brand Identity

Updated: Jan 3

Guidelines! Yes, I am talking about some pre-written rules, restrictions, or whatever you want to consider.

  • Have you ever thought about this who writes the guidelines?

  • Who restricts us from crossing the lines?

  • Why someone restricts the use of certain things in their software/ machines/ projects or anything that comes to your mind.

  • Why there are rules to operate or access something?

If there have been no rules what would happen?

See here I am not talking about discipline, but yes, I am talking about the rules & regulations set by any app developer/ software developer/ machine manufacturer or project owner.

Yes, there are certain User Agreement policies that are written for the use of almost everything we use. There are certain rules to drive a car, ride a bike, playing games, operate software, withdraw money, etc.

I mean everything. Even sometimes I think life is also a user agreement form that we need to accept to live it otherwise we won't be able to live it or in other words, I must say access it like any other application or software.

So the question arises, can we think of skipping a few or all the guidelines laid down by someone to go beyond that point that has never been achieved. Practically, if we do so, what will happen

Consider for example

  • What if we ride a bike beyond speed limits?

  • What if we enter our password wrong above the prescribed number of tries?

  • What if we don't tick mark the conditions pre-written for the use of any software?

  • What if we don't play according to the rules of a game?

The answer to all of the points is quite simple that we will be stuck somewhere or get penalized.

Yes, I agree, we should push our limits but up to what point? In certain cases, we can do it, but in others, we should not. Say, for example, all of us are aware of the damages being caused by "Sulphuric Acid" & there are certain precautions to be taken while using it & if we don't accept those, we will be having severe results.

Now, Why I am bringing these points into the limelight?

As we are an advertising agency that is focused on brand building online. We as a Digital Marketing Agency have to keep some guidelines in our minds that in no case the brand we are promoting, at any point, should make a negative impact in the minds of the customer. The tools we use for designing, promotion, online marketing, link building, or any other kind of advertising whether it is social media or print media should be used with care & in no case, the policies laid down by them should violate.

In this era of digital marketing & ever-growing competition where almost everyone is in a race of ranking their pages/ websites etc in search engines & are also trying to fool the engines through their tactics & getting penalized.

I agree that experimentation is good but at what cost? Is it fair enough to get a number of penalties on your brand page? Is it fair to get caught in the algorithms defined by the search engines?

What are these algorithms?..... Definitely, certain guidelines/ policies that we need to respect just as other rules we follow to run our lives.

So what I want to say through this blog is that if I have to explain about my logo & my brand name "tracingflock", it is quite simple that I follow the guidelines. The traces left or the guidelines being laid by the developers I always keep in mind while promoting my brand or any brand like "Poshak Creations" for my client. When "tracingflock" will grow like a group it will keep working on the same criteria.

I hope my concept of defining my logo & the name of my brand is quite satisfying. I would definitely welcome all the feedback & discussions over it.

Always remember! Follow the brand guidelines whichever brand you are working with. Kangna Ranaut Twitter Account termination is the perfect example of Brand Guidelines (Social Media Platform in this case) being overlooked. You can also relate this to the risks involved in or derived from user-generated content when you don't have control over the content published by any user and ultimately harms your brand.


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