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How to Get Ahead in Marketing with Progressive Approach

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

Your approach toward your goal decides how long will you survive in that field. When you ask someone, out of these two strategies (progressive or aggressive), which one will they choose?

Mostly, people chose a progressive approach above the other. Some of the daring people who don't need to think too much before investing chose an aggressive approach.

Also, some people who are manipulated wrongly or convinced only for the sake of someone's own benefit are told to go aggressively not smartly.

But very few smart people say that they are going to keep an aggressive yet progressive approach.

The difference between these two can be defined simply as the aggressive approach may lead to penalties sometimes.

Now, how will you relate this to digital marketing? Suppose you have a huge amount to spend on ads on digital platforms but do not follow the right approach like:

You may waste a lot of money unnecessarily. In other words, you can aggressively be active on digital platforms but do not know how progressive your approach is, which may lead to frustration. But it does not mean that an aggressive approach is not productive.

Does, increasing the number of likes or followers on your page will suffice only?

If you think so & be satisfied with the number of likes on your page your approach is not #progressive.

You may get likes on your page through an aggressive approach that is through paying some amount but it does not assure you that the people who have pressed a like button on your page get all the content you post on your timeline when they scroll down.

I have experienced this on my pages too. I have very few likes on my pages but my content doesn't even reach those people who have liked my page.

Also, you have to be assured that you post rich content all the time so that at least those who have liked your page, keep following you.

I have experienced in many cases that people have a great number of likes but they don't have very good fan-following as they lack rich & relevant content.

I have listened to so many experts on this & all of them say the same thing that you need to pay & play. The strategies you were using earlier, may not work this year as there are a lot of amendments coming every year in algorithms & most of them do well when running on the money.

Now, can money serve the purpose alone? 

The answer is No.

You have to keep track of your activities/ posts/ content etc. through #analytics tools. You will have to follow the trends.

You need to stay updated or I can say you have to be aggressive a little about your #online reputation & through analytics, if you keep a record of the things you do,  i.e what were the loops holes in the previous content will make you better day by day & will lead to a progressive approach.

Now, another parameter that has to be considered is, how you evaluate your approach as a progressive one

  • Do you count the end sale as the only productive parameter?

  • Are you focused only on sales by advertising online?

  • Is revenue generated out of your ad spend the only parameter to calculate the success of a campaign?

If I talk about my perspective or opinion I must say there are many other factors associated with a campaign, like

  • Brand Visibility - Not everytime a customer came across your ad is willing to buy something. But you should be satisfied with the fact that at least your brand name is floating in the general public domain.

  • Brand Awareness - Most of the brands these days run E-Mail campaigns to update their customers about their new launches or new features added to the products or something of this kind of product updates.

  • Your presence in the market - How many times have you come across a customer through ads when he/she is online either on social media or other platforms?

  • Brand Identity/Brand Promotion - Let people talk about your new products or let them wait for upcoming products.

Sometimes I have experienced this thing in the market that people wish for costly or branded products but they are not actual buyers because their pocket does not allow them to buy those products. Some people wish for an iPhone but they don't buy it.

Some people just talk about Bose headphones & speakers but they don't make a purchase. Many people talk about costly cars like Bugatti, Ferrari, Land CruiserMaserati, BMW & many more, but they are not actual buyers.

Some people look for features only, some people talk about comfort & a few others about speed only.

So there is an enormous number of parameters that you can focus on in an ad campaign & let the people talk about you.

The more the people talk about you, the more progressive or productive your campaign will be.

So to conclude I recommend an


Feedback is always welcome. Stay tuned for my upcoming blogs.


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