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The Different Platforms Plan to Higher Ranking Goals

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

The more we explore the internet, the more we came to know about the various platforms available for Website designing e.g Wix, #WordPress, Ecwid, Shopify & many more and the same is true for SEO tools e.g SEO Wiz, #Yoast all in one etc.

Different platforms have their respective integrations with different tools for SEO. I have been working on three different platforms for website designing for my clients depending upon the functionality required by the client.

No doubt, one platform can serve the purpose as it is but you learn less if you explore less. If I talk about my website it is on Wix. Another store that I handle was earlier on #Ecwid and now, it has been transferred to Wix.

As far as Wix is concerned I found only one limitation with their pre-written or pre-designed layouts that they are not adaptive in nature for now, but they are working on it & also they have committed that my website will be adaptive very soon, whereas this difficulty of shortcoming has been overcome by WordPress & Ecwid. WordPress has a great collection of templates that are adaptive in nature i.e they opt successfully the size of the browser.

Now, coming to the availability of SEO tools there are enormous tools available for it too just like web designing, & they have great flexibility to integrate with almost every website.

Every platform has its separate integration for SEO particularly or specially crafted for them e.g SEO Wiz is a great tool I am using for my website on Wix. This tool is pretty easy to use as it guides you stepwise to conduct a very fruitful SEO especially if you are not an SEO professional.

In addition, they also provide you with SEO guidelines, that you can refer, to better understand about the SEO.

Search Engine Optimization is a very important aspect nowadays to rank high on searches. You can rank high immediately through paid ads & almost every person who is in this field is well aware of this fact.

Still, you need to focus on organic SEO because it is not always recommended to spend money especially if you are short at it. Also, at last, you need to write some rich content for SEO to organically boost your website.

I recommend #organic SEO to learn more about it because if you don't work on it you won't be able to learn about it how it works. I have learned many aspects of SEO while performing SEO through #wiz & the recommendations provided by Wix. I am exploring it further to learn more & let it work more efficiently for me.

Coming to Ecwid now, I was running a store with Ecwid & it provided me with various integrations, not only limited to SEO, instead, it is having integrations with #Amazon, eBay & Facebook Shop making it so easy to publish your content on three different platforms, entering your content or values at just one place that is in the database.

Earlier, I used #Magento for the same for one of the clients that my company (when I was an employee) recommended for uploading data to the database. It was a WordPress website. But, with Ecwid I found more flexibility with their integrations as mentioned earlier.

A lot of development is going on every day & now you can find a wide variety of these kinds of tools & availability of these tools doesn't solely serve the purpose if you don't know how to use them. Even no tool can perform at its best if you are not aware of its functionality.

Adding a plugin to your website say "Yoast" & leaving it as such & not performing the SEO won't be able to perform at its best. I have analyzed this thing while exploring some of the websites that the plugin has been integrated by the developer & keywords also been added, still, the websites are not performing well as the client or the owner of the website has no idea to work on website content & the basic parameters of the SEO to comply with the ever-changing environment of the SEO & leave it as it is.

Seeking help from others for SEO is good, but who knows your brand or the product & their specialties, you manufacture, better than you.

If you are an employer, you can appoint someone for SEO, but in this case, too, you will have to tell them about your offerings, so that they can find the best suitable keywords for your business.

You have been promised a lot at the initial stages that you will be ranked this & that, but SEO is a #gamble. One change in algorithm & game over, your website can be drastically hit & it is one of the challenges associated with SEO among the other different challenges.

Looking for the best possibilities on different platforms using different tools & working with various strategies we all have one #goal in mind is to rank higher on google. A lot of promises are made every day (only to gain business), that you can rank higher with just one click or with one keyword & many more of such kind.

But as much as I have experienced this is not an overnight exercise, you will have to work continuously on your website, content, & its other #parameters to make it work for you.

I had launched my website in Jan 2020 & if I had started to assume that my website ranks on the 1st page of google search I would have been considered as a fool.

As most of the experts say, have patience, let your SEO work for you, let search engines crawl your website, wait for at least six months to see my website ranking high on results & let it become a trustworthy website for the customers.

I use different tools for SEO to improve the visibility & listing of my website on the internet & it is working fine for me till now.


So to conclude, work daily on your websites to improve their performance & other factors to find new challenges every day.

Support from various platforms is always available but at the end of the day, it's you, who has to perform/ write content for your website. No one else is going to do it for you better & you have to explore more options on different platforms & implement different strategies to get the ultimate goal of ranking higher.

Your feedback is important to us, don't forget to leave a comment in the respective section. If you are lazy a little you can press the reaction button if you like it.


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