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Incomplete Websites: How to Fix and Avoid (An Expert Guide)

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

Do you like incomplete tasks? We don't! Even nobody in this world would love to leave their task/ target/ assignment/ projects in between. A complete task/ project/ assignment/ target not only brings a sense of satisfaction or inner peace instead it brings more benefits/ greater results/ higher perks. Almost in every aspect of life, be it a job (say an employee) or a project (say an agency) everyone is assigned some targets. Targets to accomplish a task within a time period and if they are not completed within their specified time limits conflicts/ further delays/ nuisances occur. Your reputation is put at stake. You make incur huge losses due to the non-completion of your projects or tasks not completing them as per their specified deadlines.

But our point of discussion is a little different. Here, we are discussing the completion of a website.

Like, when would you consider a website complete in all aspects?

A website has to be complete in all respects, whether its performance, responsiveness, its speed, its meta tags & description & many others.

During the journey from being a Graphic Designer to a Design Agency, I have come across many people who take their brands/ identities/ online presence for granted; & the result of taking your online presence for granted I have already discussed in one of the previous blog "For Granted... Far Guaranteed."

Currently, I am in contact with two such clients (won't mention their names here, as I get to close a good deal with them, their reputation will enhance definitely) who are not much aware of the fact of how their ignorance towards their online presence affecting their brand value.

Our services are having a pre-fixed rate. So we don't discuss much over rates or prices of the services; instead, we convince the client on the scope of visibility of their brand; & currently, our success rate honestly speaking is low.

But we are confident about our services, so we always stay optimistic about the client taking our services sooner or later.

In a country like ours, it has become a challenging situation, especially after demonetization to bring customers or convince clients to take their business online.

As the digital world is growing at a very fast rate, cyber crimes & online frauds are also on a hike.

So people don't trust you easily for taking online services. But, you can remove their hesitation to using online facilities or services (say accepting online payments) if you use all those features on your own website.

What we have experienced so far is that people are not willing to pay access fees or taxes whatever involved; & we don't find any issue in that, even no one should have.

If someone is providing you services, just as you are doing for others, & taking their charges for the services then what's the big deal?

Should not that service provider have the right to take service charges, if you have?

They are also running a business & many people work in their companies for the smooth running of your services. They are to be paid salaries on time, which means where is the issue we don't understand.

Have you ever imagined, how lucky a customer feels when he/ she is able to perform all the operations he/ she needs to perform on your website say from surfing to a successful purchase of a commodity of their own choice?

How easy it is to keep a visitor engaged on your website from login to checkout?

Your objective and even ours too, should not only be to collect data from our websites for our own business promotion via email marketing or other channels instead we should work on simplification of the operations on our website for our visitors & provide relevant data for the visitors to convert them into customers.

Now, consider, for example, you are running an online store, a visitor finds a commodity of their choice on your website; he/ she logs in, successfully adds an item to cart & then suddenly finds they don't have a suitable payment mode say a customer is willing to pay via credit/ debit card, but he/ she doesn't have a Paypal account & you have provided only one payment gateway at checkout.

Do you think you will be able to crack a deal or convert a sale?

I don't think so, a customer doesn't bother about signing up for a PayPal account rather he/ she will switch to another website & start exploring other options or he/ she prefers to visit a physical store for some shopping having a snapshot of the product available on your website whatever they feel more convenient and you will not lose only your sale, but a valued customer too.

The customer/ visitor having a bad experience will never come back to your website for any further purchases.

On the other hand, a successful checkout not only makes a customer satisfied, but it also brings a level of trust to your website, improving your website rankings & affecting other factors too.

Always remember, if you keep your visitor frustrated all the time with your website's poor performance you will lose your sale, whereas keeping the visitor engaged on your website from successful login to smooth checkout is always admired & it is a marketing bonus for you too. A lot of people in our community don't mark our words & keep ignoring us thinking that we are talking like that only to earn our #profit, so we have shared our own experience while writing this blog.

Two years ago when we developed our website in 2020, we were not aware of the accessibility issues; means how to make the internet a better place for everyone as Wix reckons. In other words or to simplify make your website accessible for those who are suffering from some sort of disability. You can learn more about this in the Wix learning section under Site Building & Design section. You will find that over 1 billion people in this world are suffering from minor to major disabilities according to WHO may be related to visual, auditory, motor, or cognitive.

Now the question arises how can you make your website accessible to a broader audience or for those who are having some limitations? Wix can help. Just as you complete your website on Wix, you can perform an audit through accessibility tools. It scans your website for accessibility-related issues and guides you to make your website compliant with the required standards. You can have a brief idea about what is missing from your website after scanning. Once you remove all the issues, your website becomes ready for publishing.

We at tracingflock always try to provide the best services possible for the customers as we can't afford to lose our valuable customers or clients due to any shortcomings or loopholes at our end. We (tracingflock) have provided multiple payment methods for the smooth checkout of Indian customers for the time being & working further for International clients and also facilitating Indian customers with more payment options in the near future. Currently, we are taking payments via PayPal & PayU and working on #Paytm integrations to reach more customers/ companies/ agencies/ brands like ours who can't afford to lose customers due to technical flaws.

So to conclude I would recommend always keep working for the benefit of the customers. Our prime target should always be


We would love to hear from you on this blog too. Don't forget to leave a comment & let the discussions going on.

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