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What Everybody Ought To Know About Digital Marketing

Updated: Jan 3

Sometimes we set an image for something in our minds without going into its details.

Today I am going to talk about some perceptions about digital marketing that is still there in our minds & they stay as it is till we don't understand them or we don't find it productive.

A few years ago, when I was not having a wide knowledge of Digital Marketing (which is still not complete), I used to think the same as the majority of people in my country, that, posting on #SocialMedia is just Digital Marketing. But if I talk about the origin of Digital Marketing then I think it starts from social media. But what happens most of the time, people like me in earlier days used to think that anybody can post or share photos over social media & start earning or will become a brand this way when he will attain good reach. But it is not that simple, being active on social media is good for branding but it doesn't assure you the desired output till your efforts are not in the right direction. No doubt you can redirect traffic to your website through social media if you know the right way.

Some more points of discussion here, that need to be considered is where are you trying to redirect people?

  • Is your website updated?

  • Does your website having sufficient data to engage people?

  • Do your website work well on mobile phones? Most people nowadays use these gadgets instead of Desktops.

  • Is your website well optimized? Here I am using this optimized word for the speed of the website. As "Pingdom" says "Nobody likes a slow website."

  • Does your website have proper links to your social media profiles/ pages/ content?

Websites and Content on websites are the big game changers nowadays. These days when website building & hosting has become so affordable you have to focus mainly on content.

Content is the king from the very beginning & very few people adopt this factor. If you have rich & interesting content then whether it is #marketing/ sales/ digital marketing or general aspects of life you should know your market because people only find those things interesting which benefit them/ entertains them or it is in their budget. Otherwise, people start finding shortcomings/ loopholes in your products to justify their excuses.

Even here you need to know a lot of things being so active in the market that

The point is, the customer takes interest in your products or services, whether offline or online, only if he is getting content/ product/ service of his interest otherwise there won't be any factor named "bounce rate".

Not every customer is the same for some iOS is good & some are happy with android. Both are having their own advantages & they are lime-lighted only through promotions either by the company or by the user.

In both cases, it is marketing that plays a vital role. The platform being chosen for advertising differentiates between the #online (Digital) & #offline (BTL) marketing if the company has to tell the customer about the product.

If the user has to do marketing for you then, reviews by the user either in the review section or comments section, if I consider "Facebook" for example over here, is the ultimate marketing. Mostly, what happens on social media is that bad comments are ignored or deleted without emphasizing the fact that they are the ultimate & free sources for improvement in your product while doing R&D of your products/ services.

No doubt sometimes an ex-employee, only to destroy your brand reputation, may post some wrong/ vulgar comments on your page, that we can't control.

But why give them a chance to talk negatively about your product or service, shut those critics with your superb service experience.

Why not make your client or customer so satisfied with your services/ products that he or she in no way left any shortcoming to discuss on your page. Let it be.

My concern is not to change the mentality of the ex-employees but the way marketing has to be done. People have short memories, they forget things easily in a world of competition provided you have made them remember you either for good service or bad user experience. If you are providing good services then you need to keep going & work on further improvements & if you are not good at it you need to fix the existing one.

There is an enormous number of tools like #GoogleAnalytics/ #FacebookPixel etc that help you improve, by giving you the exact analysis of the ongoing #trend.

And if you take these analyses "for granted" & do not improve your services/ website/ marketing or anything, you will surely be thrown away from the market so "far" that you will find no way to exist anymore in the competition & it is "guaranteed."

The example shown above is an analysis of our website & our competitor websites only to show how SEO has changed over time & how you need to plan accordingly these days, as old tactics are not working. Those who refuse to update their websites with time or in other words take things for granted are listed based on their efforts in digital marketing.

That is why I emphasized following the guidelines in my previous blog. If you are not using the correct ways for digital marketing/ SEO etc. then Google will be the first to penalize you then your customer & you are out of the race. Also, there are so many tools like #Pingdom/ GTmetrix/ SimilarWeb to check the speed of your website as in this era of 4G website speed is equally important as I earlier quoted that "Nobody likes a slow website" as it should be your priority to make your user experience far better & protect their identities & privacy.

So to conclude here I once again urge everyone in this field of marketing that

"Never Take Digital Marketing For Granted"

Feedback is always welcome & stay tuned for my next blog "Progressive or Aggressive."

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